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There is a wide-range of short term (minimum 1 week) and long term (minimum 3 months) volunteer opportunities in and around McLeod Ganj. Organizations such as the Tibetan Welfare Office, the Tibetan Library, the Tibetan Women’s Association, the Tibet Institute of Performing Arts, Tibet Museum, the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics, various monasteries and nunneries, and offices of the Government-in-Exile frequently offer volunteer opportunities.
Donations are the best way to help out if you are only around for a few days. Picking up a few supplies at a local store can be of great assistance to educational and social service organizations.

- Short term

Volunteer Tibet
There are many ways to share your time and assist organisations in the Tibetan community! Even if you’re just passing through Dharamshala, there are still many ways to donate your time and make a difference. For a full list of volunteer opportunities please contact us.
contact: Tseyang
hours: open 4pm - 6pm, Mon to Fri
location: Jogiwara Road opposite Akash Guest House
mobile: 98161 91216

Tibet Charity - Multi Education Centre
Many shy Tibetans would love to ask you questions about your life and experiences. If you can spare an hour for a few days and don’t mind sharing your life story with others, come to our school and help our students improve their conversational English.
Advanced: 12pm-1pm, Beginners 4pm-5pm.
hours: before 12pm, any weekday and talk to Jigme
location: Jogiwara Road (Below Main Temple)
phone: 221877
mobile: 9418106626

The Dogga School
Teaching & class assistant opportunities available for English classes for various levels through the day and an Introduction to Computers course.
contact: Rinchen Tsering
hours: Mon-Fri 10am-12:30pm and 2pm-6pm
location: Next to Hotel Mount View, Jogiwara Rd
mobile: 98161 39358

Established in 1991, provides support to ex-political prisoners and their families, and organizes campaigns working for their release.
Gu-Chu-Sum School needs help with English conversation and tutoring from 6:30 pm to 7:30pm, Monday through Friday.
location: Jogiwara Road, same building as the Lung-ta restaurant
contact: Sonam, the headmaster of the school, 10am - 5pm

Computer teachers, English teachers, French teachers, and other opportunities are available at the LHA office.

Contact Magazine
Help to produce this local, grassroots, free community magazine. You can submit articles, proofread copy or work on graphic design. Donations of computer equipment would also be very appreciated.
contact: Lobsang at LHA
mobile: 9816155523

Assistance Projects
LHA fosters projects for the benefit and enrichment of the local community. Please see Jampa or Pema at the LHA office (see Map for location) to see if you could be of some assistance, especially if you are into event planning.

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- Long Term

Aku Pema Performance Art
Established in 2000, Aku Pema Performance Art group was organised in order to preserve traditional Tibetan art and culture in order to be passed on to future generations. The group also addresses multicultural themes. International visitors and volunteers are welcome to contribute and enjoy our cultural programs. We are seeking volunteers who are able to teach: group music and singing, English language (any level and age), dancing (any style!).
location: Norbulingka Institute
mobile: 9816315822 or 9816174922

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- Donation

LHA Donation Centre
Accepting donations of all kinds: clothing, sleeping bags, books, School supplies, office supplies, medical supplies and financial assistance. All donations are clearly recorded and distributed to those in need, both Tibetan and Indian. LHA is a registered non-profit social service organization.

Tibetan Children’s Education Centre in Exile
Financial supports, Donating technological equipment/computer/printer/scanner. Educational materials/books/classic videos. Stationary items/pens/papers/notebooks
location: Sangay Tashi / Jigmey
Chhaya Niwas, Jogiwara Road, McLeod Ganj
mobile: 9816491733 / 9816148042

Contact Magazine
Donations of computer equipment would be very appreciated as would digital cameras.
contact: Lobsang at LHA
mobile: 9816155523

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